Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fruits of India

Here's a pretty extensive list of the 125+ fruits of India. Enjoy, and let me know if I've missed any...

Fruits in India pictures: A-G

Fruits in India pictures: H-P

Fruits in India pictures: Q-Z

Complete list (no pictures)


  1. Hi there,
    I'm really enjoying your blog. I also have a fascination with trying new fruits. I have a youtube series where I review fruit ("weird fruit explorer" if you'd like to check it out) I hope you don't mind if I use your site as a resource, its very informative.


    1. Very cool to see another fruit fan! Your videos are super-helpful because I've often had a hard time describing the taste of little-known fruits (like nutmeg's aril, for instance). Thanks for these extra insights.

  2. very interesting and nice blog....

  3. nice blog and interesting since am having an orchard your blog helps me a lot. My custard apple trees are bearing fruit for the first time this year, how can I know the time to pick them?

  4. Hey Catherine - Excellent Blog very informative :)
    Thanks a lot :) Arjun

  5. The recent drought in my part of Australia has saved a rotted wampee I was about to hack down. Not only has it recovered from rot but it is loaded with fruit for the first time in years. What a pleasure to then discover this entry on your blog about a fruit I thought I'd never taste again. Thank you, Catherine. Please keep blogging.

  6. Dear Ms. CR,
    Recently was in Jakarta, Indonesia & I happened to taste a fruit called "Snake Fruit...!!" It exactly resembles the hood of a snake & even the scales on the fruit are dark brown & rusty & has a shiny appearance..
    These scales when rubbed by hand on their opposite side hurts the skin, but the skin when carefully peeled has a dense white inside which has a good coconut like taste...!!
    Juz wanted to share with you about a fruit which I had never hitherto seen in India..!!
    Thanks & regards - krupa

  7. I am from India, Tamil Nadu. This blog is very good. I would like to know more about this kindly contact me via mail

  8. Hi Catherine!
    what a nice blog!
    I'm an italian guy, i'm vegan since I was 15 (now I'm 34), and I too write articles about fruits and vegetables! This year I started to study and write about tropical fruit... so I enjoy very much your work!
    This August I'll be in Tamil Nadu for the third time, and my hope is to find and taste and describe all fruits as possible! Are you interested in a collaboration? You can contact me here:
    Best regards!

  9. Hi Catherine., I am from Hyderabad., Telangana, South India. nice blog. I have a small farm, wherein I grow vegetables and fruits collected from other places of India or other countries.
    Your book has captured fruits grown in Telangana, which I was not familiar. Thanks.

    1. Can we exchange some fruit seeds...pls contact me at kalevicky75@yahoo.Com

    2. Hi Srinivas,

      Though I am new to fruit growing, I also want to grow various varieties in my farm near Maheswaram, close to the airport.

      Can you please give your contact details. My mail id is

  10. Is there any book with this title - The Fruits of India..! If so where can we get this one. Kindly reply -

  11. this blog is very good . it is very difficult to find information about extraordinary berries thanks for creating such exceptional website

  12. I live in India but I have never seen how the water melons grow .I understand its the creeper variety .
    Would anyone know if the plant is deciduous or evergreen .

  13. very interesting and nice blog....
    and also use for project work.....
    thank u.....

  14. I am from the south west on India, an area near the hills but not hilly and in monsoon climate (Middle Kerala). I have a Pulasan plant in my garden. Its 3 years now. Last year it fruited heavily, but all with no pulp or stone but an empty canal inside which might be meant for pulp and stone. Could any tell me what I can do to make it fruit normally ?

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