Saturday, September 8, 2012

Too Much Protein: A Greater Likelihood Than Too Little

When vegans get asked the infamous "where do you get your protein?" question, they can answer it pretty easily. But then vegans should ask their concerned omnivore counterparts, "are you aware of the health risks from getting too much protein?" Most likely, they have no idea.

Eating too much protein--specifically protein from animals--is linked with various health maladies. 

 What constitutes "too much?" The Dietitians of Canada advise just 2 oz of meat per day. This means anything more than meat the size of a deck of cards is too much.

If you really want to assuage the concern of your non-vegan friends and family, send them this video along with a copy of Dr. Campbell's "The China Study."

Here's a neat infographic further explaining the issue of too much protein from Door to Door Organics. 

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