Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Big Fat Vegan Potluck

Well, this weekend was filled with good food, good company, and remarkably few mosquitos given that it's monsoon season here in Chennai. The turnout was actually more than expected: I joked with my husband before hand, "if nobody shows up, I'll have at least made all of this food for a romantic evening on the rooftop with the two of us." But, in fact, everyone who RSVP'd came! There were roughly 30 of us in total--go us! The guests were lovely.

The turnout gives me a lot of hope for veganism's potential here. People want to get involved. They want to make a difference, and they want to spread the word. As long as that interest is there I'll do as much as I can to facilitate it, in whatever way I can. 

This wasn't all of us, but the rooftop was really dark and it was hard getting all of us in one picture. I also have a very incriminating photo of Sriram and his best friend holding a sign that says, "Hug Me, I'm Vegan." I'm thinking of framing it, given that they're decidedly not vegan... yet, that is. ;)

Many of the attendees are also heavily involved with Blue Cross of Madras, and it was wonderful seeing their enthusiasm for what they do. Their adoption drive the next day (Sunday the 24th) caused a whopping 50-something animals to find permanent homes! Very, very exciting stuff. 

There's another adoption drive the following Sunday. If I'm not going to Bangalore, then I might drop in and see what work needs to be done (or perhaps make some baked dog-friendly treats for the ones looking for their new human parents). 

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