Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monsanto Infiltrates the Media of India

I received this petition from Greenpeace, which indicates that NDTV partnered with Monsanto for one of its segments, "Improving Lives."


In addition to signing the petition, I also wrote a letter to the station:

"Please reconsider your partnership with Monsanto for your show, "Improving Lives." While it might seem like an easier way to access funding for the network, such partnerships often come at the expense of journalistic integrity (especially when pairing with such agricultural behemoths). For instance, Fox News was unable to run its segment on the dangers of rBGH (growth hormones) in cattle when its sponsor, Monsanto, objected. Additionally, their journalists were then fired for their repeated insistence on covering the facts of the matter. Read on the issue here:


Again, I urge you to strongly reconsider this partnership. Though I understand your station's need for money, I implore you not to let it come at the expense of your obligation to inform and educate the viewers. Partnering with Monsanto will, in fact, chill your ability to carry out this crucial function to society. 

Thank you,
Catherine Capozzi-Reddy"

Will such a letter do much good? In the big scheme of things, likely not, as I cannot match Monsanto's budget in the promotion of a show featuring the benefits of going organic.

But... I recognize the important role I can play as a consumer by avoiding GMOs. And thus, I indirectly reduce Monsanto's revenue. While it's one thing to protest against what you don't want to see in the world, the other crucial component is being the change you wish to see in the world.

And so, I hope more people sign the petition. Perhaps even more, though, I hope more people alter their shopping habits to avoid GMOs, buy local, and buy organic.


  1. hey thanks.. signed it and shared it !!.... i don't think people are aware of these things or we could do a lot better... we should aim to create awareness and by October we should get more people in ..for another march !!....

  2. Good for you; Monsanto have ruined countless lives, both human, animal and vegetable. Will share on my fb and Twitter.

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