Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vegan Nutrition

Sources of vegan protein (it's easier to get than you think!)

Risks of eating too much protein from animals (ie, what to say back to meat-eaters when they question your protein consumption


  1. Vitamin B12 is the only essential Vitamin that is not available from any vegetarian source. Cow Milk provides the B12 nutritional requirements of human body.On the basis of water footprint consideration for environmental sustainability vegetarianism is the only scientific option.

    1. Actually, this simply isn't true for a couple of reasons. 1) Cyanocobalamin is a plant-based source of B12, which is added to soymilk, vegan vitamins and found naturally in spirulina. 2) While I'm not positive on this point, I believe that some bodies are better at retaining B12 than others. Anecdotally, on our blood test results my meat-eating husband needed B12 whereas I did not despite abiding by a vegan diet for 8 years now.

      As for what constitutes a "scientific option," nutrition is a remarkably young field. Scientists change their mind constantly about what's good, what's bad, and what's essential for the body. Nutrition as a field seldom touches the importance of phytonutrients and dietary carcinogens, either. While it's fine to mention "scientific options," it's best to note that there are many possibilities. The American Dietetics Association, for instance, has finally mentioned that a vegan diet can satisfy all nutritional requirements when properly followed. Including B12 requirements.

    2. Here's a couple of Vegan sources of Vitamin-B12 (that have served me well):
      1.) Nutritional yeast is a fortified source of Vitamin-B12. I've listed below a brand that I use and one that has worked well for me.

      2.) Being mindful and checking nutrition labels-I purchase plant based milks and ensure it's fortified with Vitamin-B12.

      These have served me well on my journey and helped me eliminate Yogurt and Milk from my diet.

      When in doubt, it's always better to discuss with a registered dietitian or your physician.

      Vitamin-B12 supplement:

      *DISCLAIMER*: This is not medical advice; just my own journey and what has worked for me. Please consult your dietitian/physician before making changes to your diet.

  2. Thank you very much for pointing out that individual body hasvarying ability to absorb Vitamin B 12.
    Absorption of Vit B12 Adversely Affected By These Conditions:
    Lack of Intrinsic Factor, a glycoprotein secreted by the stomach. This condition is present in pernicious anemia.
    Poorly functioning terminal ileum (this refers to receptors in the small intestine).
    Part of the stomach surgically removed.
    Inadequate digestive enzymes and gastric acid.
    Impaired liver and/or pancreatic function: Liver stores B12, and secretes it in bile. The pancreas is part of the end stage of absorption.
    Old age: Absorption of Vitamin B12 tends to decrease as you age. There have been a few studies indicating that B12 is a factor in conditions normally associated with aging, which respond to supplements, although a lot more research needs to be done in this area.

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  4. This is a fascinating discussion - I think both of you are correct! B-vitamins can make a great difference for an impacted system (long-term exposure to modern living, process foods, no sunlight, chemcials, stress etc.). Which if they accumulate cannot absorbe the nutrition anymore.

    However, at the same time a young system or a cleansed body will absorbe the nutritions again. May it be vitamin B or otherwise.

    This young science bases a lot of its research on already 'ill bodies' how they react. That is why western medicine does not heal but surpress pain (far from removing the cause) - it has its place on structural illnesses - broken bones, eye laser etc. - but the subtle causes are induced over time through nutrition and emotional imbalances. And nutrition can remove them again - Food is medicine! So I think sometimes this 'young science' has good pointers but will not replace the 'old science of a holistic long-term view like Ayurveda, Chinese medicine etc. which is based on our entire being, body, soul & spirit' or ultimately to learn to follow your intution. Thanks!

  5. Spirulina is a very good source of B-12 for vegans.

  6. ALL you morons are just blindly repeating -- as if it were the gospel truth -- whatever you have been told or read somewhere. The fact is that YOU really don't KNOW. . .and neither do I or anyone else!

    It's all hypothesis and conjecture, for the most part!! Spirulina my arse!!!

    All I do KNOW is that God (Nature) gave us (humans) canine teeth. . .and there must be some good reason for this (after all He is God)!

  7. Please don't spoil somebody's sincere attempt at a blog. No body can coerce you to follow Vegan diet. As doctors we were told that B12 was only available from animal source, liver of animals etc. It cannot be gospel truth as so many vegans don't lack in B12.

  8. vitamin b12 is found in spirulina is biologically inactive spirulina is not asource of vitamin b12 even some people consider alovera as source of vitamin b12 but it is not a source of vitamin b12 . vitamin b12 is a essential nutrient

  9. is this ramphal leaves is good for diabetics and what is the dose we have to take, how to prepare

  10. Vit B12 is found in milk,, ya milk is a good substitute but hardly we can get a milk which 100% chemical free... All packed milk which we drink is no more chemical free, even the milk which i get from farm is chemical free bcz they inject chemicals to cow to get more milk. So drinking milk we can get Vitamin B12 + CANCER. At the cost of Vit B12 we cant get into risk of CANCER. Please provide us a substitute for MILK which is Chemical FREE or CANCER FREE

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  12. I agree with Subodh. Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for the human body. The only way we can get it from vegan sources is by ingesting unwashed/underwashed organic produce, which we have grown ourselves - and most of us don't have access to such food. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes IRREVERSIBLE damage by the time it is detected. Adults should know about this risk before adopting a vegan diet. Nobody should put their children on a vegan diet - let them make the choice when they can. I am non-vegetarian by conscious choice because I don't trust supplements - they often don't do what they're expected to and sometimes trigger unwanted effects in the body. I have a little dairy a couple of times of week and maybe fish once a month. I think we have many many ways of cutting back on our contribution to cruelty towards animals - we can shun leather, non-vegan crockery, silk, cosmetics. I'd highly recommend that everybody watch Earthlings (freely available on the Net) if only to raise our consciousness about our actions. We owe that much to other species.

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  14. Not if the milk is organically produced, as in Organic Pastures.

  15. You can get B12 being a vegan. Indiana have been getting B12 throughout history by pantha that in Bengal, parna kanii or fermented rice, that is still used by farmers. Check the research done on this.

  16. Vitamin B12 found in aloevera. Aloe vera easily grow plant and have many nutrition.

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