Tuesday, July 22, 2014

30 Delicious Amla Recipes

Here’s a roundup of 30 delicious amla recipes from some great foodies across the web. Amla, or the Indian gooseberry, has a number of culinary uses. 

Amlas are a classic Indian wonderberry, but is little known outside of Southeast Asia. It is exceptionally tart, astringent, and refreshing. Like lemon, 1 tsp of the juice per cup of water is ideal, as the fruit is too potent otherwise. The most common amla recipes include juice, pickle, and as a flavor enhancer in curries and rice-based dishes.

To learn more about this fruit, read our writeup posted here.


Amla is ideal in Indian recipes, and as such, pairs beautifully with a number of Indian spices.  Here’s a list of amla flavor combinations.

Fruits: Lemon, lime, mango, raw mango, papaya, raw papaya, pomegranate, pineapple, passion fruit, orange, sweet lime, strawberry, date, lychee

Vegetables: tomato, cucumber, salsify, carrot, pea, pumpkin, wax gourd, bottle gourd, corn, green chili

Herbs, spices, and oils (savory):  black salt, coriander, basil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, lime juice, lemon balm, orange juice, mint, jaggery, kokam, chili powder, nigella, asafetida, curry leaf, achiote, turmeric, cumin, clove, anise, fennel, licorice, saffron, onion (yellow and red), garlic, ginger, sesame oil, mustard oil, vinegar, peanut, peanut oil, cashew, sunflower seeds, coconut oil, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, juniper, chicory, caraway

Amla juice RECIPES

Amla Lemonade
Ingredients: Amla, water, 
lemon, sugar

Amla Orange Basil Juice
Ingredients: Amla, orange, salt, basil, jaggery

Amla Nimbu Shikanji Juice
Ingredients: Amla, lemon, chili, mint
cumin, black salt, sugar

Simple Amla Juice
Ingredients: Amla, sugar, salt, cardamom
From: Lifewithspices.blogspot.in

Amla Pomegranate Juice
Ingredients: Amla, sugar, salt, cardamom

Amla Mango Juice
Ingredients: Amla, sugar, salt, cardamom

Amla Mint Juice
Ingredients: Amla, mint, sugar, water

Amla Ginger Juice
Ingredients: Amla, mint, sugar, water

Amla Lemon Tea
Ingredients: Amla, bottle gourd, star anise,
honey, lemon, ice

Amla Pepper Juice
Ingredients: Amla, mint, water, 
black salt, cumin


Whole Amla Pickle
Ingredients: Amla, salt, turmeric,
sesame oil, asafetida, mustard powder,
red chili

Amla Plum Pickle
Ingredients: Amla, chili powder, asafetida,
salt, peanut oil, fenugreek,
turmeric, mustard

Spicy Amla Pickle
Ingredients: Amla, chili powder, asafetida,
salt, peanut oil, fenugreek,
turmeric, mustard

Spiced Amla Pickle
Ingredients: Amla, chili powder, asafetida,
salt, peanut oil, fenugreek,
turmeric, mustard

Amla Pickle Fry
Ingredients: Amla, green chili, mustard oil, turmeric,
chili powder, masala, coriander, sugar, salt, cumin,
fenugreek, fennel, asafetida

Amla Veggie Achar Pickle
Ingredients: Amla, nigella, vinegar, mustard oil,
carrot, cauliflower, radish, beans, lemon,
chili, garlic, ginger, mango

Amla Achaar 
Ingredients: amla, chili, turmeric,
rock salt, sesame oil, mustard seed,
fenugreek, asafetida

Amla Honey (Condiment)
Ingredients: Amla, honey, saffron 
(cardamom optional)


Amla Rasam
Ingredients: Dal, pepper, cumin, chili, curry leaves,
asafetida, ginger, garlic, coriander,
mustard seed, oil, turmeric

Amla Chutney
Ingredients: coconut, amla, turmeric, peanuts,
coriander, garlic, salt, chili

Amla Tambli (note: needs dairy sub)
Ingredients: amla, chili, coconut, ghee,
mustard, asafetida, chili, dal, curry leaves
From: Prathiruchi.letzkit.com

Amla Chutney
Ingredients: amla, onion, tomato, curry leaves,
salt, oil, mustard seed, tur dal, chana dal,
urad dal, red chili, asafetida

Amla Sookha
Ingredients: amla, salt

Amla Rice
Ingredients: amla, rice, dal, curry leaves,
oil, mustard seed, chana dal, red chili, peanut,
turmeric, hing

Amla Sadam
Ingredients: amla, rice, turmeric, cashew,
peanut, green chili, chana dal, urad dal,
asafetida, curry leaves, salt, sesame oil


Amla Sweet
Ingredients: amla, beet, sugar, salt,
black salt, pepper

Amla Chews
Ingredients: amla, sugar, strawberry

Caramelized Amla 
Ingredients: amla, jaggery

Amla Ginger Candy 
Ingredients: amla, sugar, cumin, ginger, lemon juice


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